Car Accident Injuries

Deborah L. Barron, B.A., LLB.*
Barrister & Solicitor

Calgary Car Accident Lawyer

Essential steps to take at the accident scene, after calling 911 to summon the police and ambulance.


The wrongdoer’s Vehicle Registration/insurance card, Operator’s licence (driver’s licence) and vehicle licence plate.  If you have time, please also photograph the damaged portions of both vehicles and the vicinity, and the identification of witnesses.

If you don’t have your phone, write down:
1. complete names of the driver and owner of the wrongdoer’s vehicle (driver and owner could be two separate persons or owner could be a business)

2. addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses for the driver and owner of the vehicle

3. driver’s operator’s license number

4. insurance information

5. witnesses’ names, addresses, telephone numbers and emails

Essential steps to take IMMEDIATELY following the accident scene:

1. attend at a hospital emergency department or see your family physician to receive treatment and medical substantiation for your potential claim.

2. Photograph any physical evidence of your injuries, such as bruises, cuts, bandages, collars, casts etc. immediately and later, as bruises change color.

3. Keep a copy of the Alberta Collision Report Form and your witness statement or download them, if required and as instructed by the police, and email these to Deborah L. Barron right away.

4. Records are extremely important.  Therefore, please complete the “Accident Interview Form”, “Pain and Suffering Table” and the “Household Chores Table” (and ”Daily Living Tasks Table” if relevant) found in the Forms section of this website and email them to Deborah as soon as possible after your accident, when your memory is fresh.  Also, please keep the forms saved on your computer, so that you can update them from time to time.  Also, start saving photographs of your vehicle and your injuries, your receipts for expenses, copies of prescriptions, employer’s, doctor’s and therapist’s notes.  Email these to Deborah and also keep copies of these in a safe place.

5. Do not discuss your injuries with or sign any documents for the wrongdoer’s insurance adjuster, as the adjuster will record everything that you say and the adjuster’s goal is for you to obtain no settlement or as low a settlement as possible.

6. AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, email or call to book an appointment to obtain legal advice from Deborah L. Barron regarding your potential claims, the important steps to take to assure your best possible settlement and the time limits that may apply.  Deborah will accommodate you with an appointment on an expeditious basis.  If possible, complete the “Accident Interview Form” included with the “Forms” prior to your first appointment and bring the Accident Interview Form with you.  Also forward to Deborah your photographs and documents referred to above.