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Personal Injuries

Deborah L. Barron has more than 30 years of experience assisting clients who have suffered from traumatic injuries, particularly clients injured as a result of motor vehicle accidents.  Don’t trust that an insurance company has your best interests at heart.

Car Accident Injuries

As soon as possible, email or call to book an appointment to obtain legal advice from Deborah L. Barron regarding your potential claims, the important steps to take to assure your best possible settlement and the time limits that may apply.

Pedestrian Injuries

Deborah L. Barron has represented countless pedestrians who were struck while walking in a crosswalk. Please email Deborah immediately for any advice or assistance she can provide.

Brain Injuries

All motor vehicle accidents can result in some degree of brain injury.  If a concussion or brain trauma is suspected, insist on testing and guidelines for treatment by the hospital and your physicians.

Chronic Injuries

Recovery from chronic and severe injuries requires the complex coordination of medical, financial and legal issues. The obvious goal is to recover your physical and emotional health as much and as quickly as possible.