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Legal Links

Personal Injury Resources:

a. Specific Health Issues
Calgary Brain Injury Clinic
Association for the Rehabilitation of the Brain Injured
Seniors Directory of Services, Kerby Centre

b. How to find a doctor in Alberta
How to find a doctor in Alberta

c. Clinics and Services Directory (Alberta)
Clinics and Services Directory - A referral directory for Family Physicians

d. Insurance Publications and Forms
Information for Health Care Practitioners - Insurance Legislation, Publications and Forms

e. Health Care Options
Get to Know Your Health Care Options

Other Programs and services offered through Alberta Courts:
Family Justice Services
Alberta Courts
Mediation Services at the Alberta Courts
Dispute Resolution Officer Project
Dispute Resolution Officer Project - PDF document

Summary of important changes to the law of Wills, Estates and Matrimonial Property Law in Alberta
(as a result of the Wills and Succession Act that came into force on February 1, 2012)

Vital Statistics eg. ordering a marriage certificate
Land Titles (Procedures and Forms)

Information for Victims of Family Violence:
Victims of Family Violence Information and Rights (PDF)
Family Violence, Know Your Rights

Information about Free or Low-Cost Counselling and Support Services
Calgary Counselling Centre
The Family Resource Facilitation Program
Women’s Resources
Distress Centre (24 hour free support)
Alberta Health Programs and Services
YWCAOFCALGARY.COM re Emergency Shelter, Counselling and Access Visitation Services
Children’s Legal & Educational Resource Centre:
Mental Health Patient Advocate:

Pathways to healing for women or men involved in the criminal justice system:
The Elizabeth Fry Society of Calgary and The Calgary John Howard Society

To search for cases, statutes or regulations, please see:
Statutes, Cases and Regulations
Supreme Court of Canada
Federal Department of Justice
Queen's Printer (see also for adoption kits)
Alberta Rules of Court (PDF)


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